Good Health is a Habit LLC
Good Health is a Habit LLC

Wellness Studio in Waterford, Maine

Grand Opening May 12th, 4-6pm!

About the Owner

Erin's Professional Experience

Erin Girzone is the owner of Good Health is a Habit LLC. She is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Personal Trainer as well as an American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA) certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and ACE certified Behavior Change Specialist. She also holds a B.S. in Biochemistry and Masters in Education, both from the University of New Hampshire.  Erin has been working in the fitness industry for 9 years and has experience in a variety of areas:

  • Individual Fitness Programming
  • Small Group Fitness Programming
  • Running Coaching (designed the 5k YES I CAN! beginners' running program)
  • Nutrition and Wellness Consulting 
  • Behavior Change Coaching

As a fitness trainer, Erin's experience has ranged from training athletes to older adults. Her fitness programs are designed with an emphasis on core strength and on improving mobility so individuals can move well and live well.

Erin's Personal Experience

Erin has completed numerous events as an endurance athlete including road races of various lengths; 5ks, half marathons and the Cape Cod marathon (26.2 miles). She has also competed in triathlons including the Timberman 1/2 Ironman (1 mile swim, 50 mile bike ride, 13 mile run). Through training for these various events, Erin has developed expertise in how to prepare the body for performance with proper training and nutrition. 

Erin believes that we must honor our bodies and minds and take care of ourselves through healthy eating, physical activity and stress management. In today’s world these goals have become difficult to achieve. She is driven to help others recognize their potential for health and happiness.


Private Client

 “It has been such a pleasure to work with you these last almost two years.  Your inspiration and gentle encouragements have been so helpful to my feeling successful in my fitness goals.  I appreciate your kindness, laughter, directness and flexibility, as we have worked together."

Private client

"You really helped me on this healthier body/mind journey. I will always be grateful."

5k Yes I Can! Participant

“I wanted to thank you Erin for the YES I CAN training last year. I took what you taught me, and decided to train this year for my very first half marathon. Never before have I ever considered running that far. Your training and positive reinforcement changed all that for me. I ran my first half marathon in 2 hours and 20 minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole run and I attribute that to you and your training. Thanks again for teaching me that YES I CAN!" 

Nutrition & Wellness Client

" You let me find my way without pushing your own agenda or buying into fads...You were very understanding and empathetic to my situation and frame of mind. You did not judge or find blame, just offered suggestions and some clarity."

Small Group Client

"Professional, attentive, fun, kind and caring."

Private Client

 "Erin is a great fitness trainer.  She keeps the program varied, fun and geared to my specific issues.  She is bright, spirited and dedicated to her profession.  I highly recommend her."

About the Studio Space

Historic Space

The Good Health is a Habit wellness studio is situated in the beautiful downtown village of Waterford, Maine. The studio is a cozy, historic space that once was the Round's General Store and post office. Many locals have fond memories of visiting the store. 

Erin and her husband Ed are honored to open the Good Health is a Habit wellness studio in a space with so much history and positive energy. 

They operate with a conscious, keeping the community and environment in mind when making business decisions. 

Join us for the Grand Opening on Saturday May 12th at 4:00-6:00pm

About the Instructors

Rose Heggeman

Rose Heggeman began her personal yoga practice in 2002. As she became more deeply committed to yoga, Rose undertook yoga teacher training culminating in the Tula Institute Yoga Teacher RYT-200 certification in 2016. In addition, Rose earned her BA degree in Health Arts & Sciences from Goddard College in 2016. With a varied background spanning business, education, yoga and health, Rose was originally drawn to the fields of nutrition and health counseling after motherhood deepened her understanding of the importance of living a healthy and balanced life. In 2014 Rose completed the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach program enabling her to work with individuals and groups seeking to receive guidance and establish action plans with measurable results related to health, wellness and lifestyle. 

Rose has been leading a variety of yoga classes for both children and adults since 2016. Her approach appeals to the senses using essential oils and inspired readings. Rose has a lighthearted persona and a practiced, pragmatic eye in her teaching. 

In her spare time Rose enjoys playing with her children, gardening & growing her own food- a family affair!

To learn more about Rose you can follow her at

Susan Kane

Susan is a retired elementary school teacher with 30+ years’ experience in the classroom. After retiring, she decided the next phase of her life would be devoted to spiritual endeavors she was drawn to and to offer these modalities to others. Thus, Susan’s business, InLight Transformation was born. At her office in Norway, Susan offers Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and hypnosis services to her clients. She also teaches a variety of metaphysical classes through the year.

After practicing yoga for many years and experiencing the benefits that a consistent yoga practice offers, Susan decided to pursue yoga teacher training. Susan’s passion for teaching yoga is fueled by the belief that yoga is a practice and anyone can practice yoga, regardless of size, shape or age. 

Having lived in the Oxford Hills for most of her life, Susan welcomes old friends and new friends to join her Monday mornings for Very Gentle Yoga. Susan invites you to come and experience the benefits of yoga for yourself….you’ll be glad you did!

Emily Baker

Emily Baker began her journey in the health and fitness world in 2014 seventy-five pounds heavier than she is today. Through hard work, determination and on-going education, she has become the healthiest version of herself ever. Emily is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Group Fitness Instructor, a certified Zumba instructor and a certified PiYo Live instructor. Emily enjoys running 5ks in the summer with her 10 year old son and looks forward to the Tough Mountain Challenge at Sunday River every July. She also enjoys cycling, hiking and alpine skiing.

Emily believes that her life long struggle with her weight and health gives her the opportunity to relate to others who are facing the same challenge. Emily knows that the way to succeed is by making small incremental changes that will stick and that will lead to a desire for more changes toward better health and increased motivation. Emily enjoys seeing how one small step in a healthy direction can lead to a surge of positive changes in an individual’s life. 

Fitness Services

Private Sessions

1 hour sessions

Individual $45

2 people $25/person

3 people $20/person

Do you want to have a stronger core? Better balance? Improved strength and endurance? The workouts are designed specifically for the individual(s) in order to achieve these types of goals. You may book a private fitness session at the Grand Opening or contact Erin. 

Functional Fitness Classes

1 hour class, 4-6 people, sign-up monthly

2x/week = $96/month:

Tues/Thurs at 6:00am

Mon/Wed at 9:30am

Mon/Thurs at 4:00pm

1x/week = $48/month:

Saturday at 8:00am

Small group class targeting the whole body using a variety of equipment. Participants get individual coaching while benefiting from the energy of working out alongside others. You may reserve your spot in a Functional Fitness class at the Grand Opening or contact Erin. 

Zumba Classes

1 hour class

Tuesday at 4:00pm

Friday at 9:00am

Drop-in rate  $12

4 class pass for $40

8 class pass for $72

12 class pass for $96

For everybody and every body! Zumba takes the “work” out of workout by mixing low-intensity and high intensity dance and fitness moves. You’ll go at your own pace in this fun, interval style, calorie burning dance-fitness class. You may purchase a Zumba class pass at the Grand Opening or contact Erin. 

Yoga Classes

Our Style

At this studio we currently offer Vinyasa or flow yoga which is a style of yoga that uses sequences of postures to create a flow of movement. This movement is linked with the breath. Classes are 1 hour 15 minutes.

Drop-in rate $15

4 class pass for $48

8 class pass for $88

12 class pass for $120     

You may purchase a Yoga class pass at the Grand Opening or contact Erin. 

Very Gentle Flow

Monday at 8:00-9:15am. 

Designed for those who are new to yoga or have physical limitations. More time spent warming up with a slow, accommodating pace throughout. 

Gentle Flow

Wednesday at 6:00-7:15pm, Thursday at 9:00-10:15am. 

Designed for those who are new to yoga or who are experienced beginners.  

Moderate Flow

Tuesday at 9:00-10:15am, Saturday at 9:15-10:30am. 

Designed for those with some experience in yoga and for those who want more of a physical challenge.


Monday at 11:00am -12:00pm. 

Focused on rest and relaxation. Using a variety of props, the poses are held for several minutes allowing your body to relax and your mind to unwind. All skill levels welcome. 

Nutrition and Wellness Consulting

Making Good Health YOUR Habit one step at a time

Erin is both a AFPA certified nutrition and wellness consultant and ACE certified behavior change specialist. She strongly believes that improving quality of life comes from addressing the tiny habits that make up our day to day lives. With her guidance, Erin can help you identify and change your habits so that you can live a happier, healthier life.  You may book a consultation at the Grand Opening or contact Erin. 

Initial Consultation $60

Three month commitment: ($50/session)

Month #1: weekly sessions

Month #2-3: biweekly sessions

Erin encourages you to make a three month commitment because it will ensure greater success in achieving the desired lifestyle changes you are seeking. 

Studio Calendar

All classes and appointments will begin the week of May 14th after our Grand Opening, which is on May 12th from 4-6pm. If you would like to sign-up for a fitness class, buy a class pass or book a private appointment before then, please call or email Erin. We can't wait to have you join us!

No upcoming events.

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All classes and appointments will begin the week of May 14th after our Grand Opening, which is on May 12th from 4-6pm. If you would like to sign-up for a fitness class, buy a class pass or book a private appointment before then, please call or email Erin. We can't wait to have you join us!

Good Health is a Habit Wellness Studio

683 Waterford Rd, Waterford, Maine 04088, United States

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